Steel Balls
These steel balls are highly appreciated among clients for their sturdiness and accurate dimensions. Offered balls are used to handle radial as well as thrust loads in applications with smaller loads.
Tungsten Balls
Offered Tungsten Balls are ideal for applications such as ball valves and flow meters which require extreme hardness. Apart from this, provided balls are highly admired among clients for their precise dimension and robustness.
Steel Bearing Balls
These Steel Bearing Balls are mainly designed to be fixed in various industrial applications for reducing rotational friction. Also, offered balls work well to support axial and radial loads.
Stainless Steel Ball
The Stainless-Steel balls find uses in valve pumps, paint bottles for agitation spray, sprinkling systems, casters, drawer slides, appliance modules, locking systems, semi-precision bearings and many others. 

Glass Balls
Glass balls are demanded for valve applications in pumps, water treatment bearings, medical devices, roll-on applicators, instrumentation gauges, and others. We offer these to patrons at cost-effective rates. 

Alloy Balls
Supplied Alloy Balls are meant for special bearings as well as valves. These special balls are also useful for automotive and electric industries. These also have optimal utility in welding processes and are demanded widely in aviation & aerospace sector.

AISI S-2 Tool Steel Rollers
The AISI S-2 Tool Steel Rollers are well hardened rollers and are featured with high toughness as well as wear & tear resistance. Moreover, these are specifically suited for advanced drilling applications.

Stainless Steel Bearing Ball
Supplied Stainless Steel Bearing Balls are functional as rolling-element bearings, which are made to serve several main functions. The balls are made to carry loads, reduce the friction, reduce friction & surface contact etc. 

Ceramic Balls
Ceramic balls we deal in are proffered with several functional advantages. The balls have high rigidity, advanced hardness, lightweight construction and reduced friction resistance, smooth surface, and several others. 

Plastic Balls
Plastic Balls we offer are apt for several load applications. These can be also used for flow control devices and allow for the identification purposes in assorted medical applications. The balls are offered with excellent fatigue and good resistance to corrosion. 

Copper Balls
We deal in Copper Balls, which are totally great for building dexterity and strength. The balls are remarkable conductor of energy and are accountable for enhancing the efficiency over long distances.

Titanium Balls
The Titanium Balls have non-toxic construction and low thermal expansion. Plus, these are accessible with high melting point and exceptional fabrication possibilities. We offer these to patrons at cost-effective rates. 

Non Ferrous Balls
The Non-Ferrous Balls have several advantages over ferrous materials. The balls have lighter weight and advanced malleability. The balls are accessible with advanced iron content. In addition, these have excellent resistance to corrosion & rust.